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We are family, and we started this blog to share our favorite recipes, stories and unique food ideas with you — and with each other! We live in different parts of the country, are at different stages in our lives and we cook and eat very different foods. But we share more than genes — we have a common philosophy of eating real, homemade food prepared with the best, most natural ingredients. We hope you enjoy, and thank you for stopping by.


Hi, I’m Jessica. I’ve worked in the food business for about 10 years. I recently began my own personal-chef business, based around healthy-yet-accessible eating. I love the coastal South with all my heart. I’m happily married and we live about 4 miles from the beach.
Family: Married, 2 sweet dogs, South Carolinian. Julia (co-writer on this blog) is my little sister.

Vices: Fettuccine Alfredo. Brownies. Salty, buttery desserts (pies, tarts, etc.).

Food Philosophy: Only eat food you can make in your home kitchen, with natural ingredients.

Specialties: Making healthy food taste great.

Favorite Recipes: Greek Cucumber Salad. Baja Fish Tacos. Summer Rolls.

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Hi, I’m Whitney. By day, I’m a professional communicator, but by night (and on the weekends) I dabble in food: making it, eating it, reading about it, watching it on television. Ever since I was little, I’ve baked and cooked, and I learned at the knee of some really talented southern women. I live in a big city with a little dog, but I like to travel all over the country and the world, tasting as I go. You can also find me blogging at South & Sundry or documenting life and times on Instagram.

whitneyFamily: Single working mother to Oliver, a 2-year-old Miniature Schnauzer.

Vices: Chocolate. Sugar. Carbs.

Food Philosophy: Keeping our southern family recipes and traditions alive and making as much from scratch as possible.

Specialties: Desserts, baked goods, anything involving pasta.

Favorite Recipes: Penne with Gorgonzola cream sauce, Caramel Cake, all things Red Velvet.

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We have other cousins, but they’re just being shy for now.


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