Tuesday Refreshment…

Sometimes real life is stranger than fiction.

A couple of weeks ago, I kept seeing posts and pictures on Pinterest with instructions for growing romaine lettuce from the stump. Yes, the end piece you’d just throw in the trash.

That sounded weird and intriguing, so I tried it.

And look what happened!

Day 1

To begin, I simply placed the stump end of a heart of romaine in a short glass with about an inch of water.

Day 3

After a few days, the sprouts began. Every so often, I changed the water in the glass.

Growing Romaine, Day 3 at www.culinarycousins.com

Day 7

One week in, it started to look like a real plant.

Growing Romaine, Day 7 at www.culinarycousins.com

Day 10

It keeps growing and sprouting.

Growing Romaine, Day 10 at www.culinarycousins.com

I’m not sure what to do with it now, so if anyone has advice please send it over! Otherwise, I’ll let it continue to grow and flourish. My own little version of hydroponic lettuce.


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