Food Find: Pistachio Nutella

Yep, you read that correctly. I said, Pistachio. Nutella.

Or, actually, “Crema Pistacci.”

Isn’t that fun to say? Especially in an exaggerated Italian accent, over and over, to myself … I digress.

When I went to NYC in March, I stopped by Eataly, the Italian fine foods mega-market across from Madison Square Park. If you haven’t been, it’s a must.

I first visited last fall, and was captivated by — among other things — rows and rows of exotic kinds of Nutella, in every shape, size and flavor imaginable. But back then I was too overwhelmed to purchase anything. This time I just had to.

Food Finds: Pistachio Nutella at

My fascination … okay, obsession … with Nutella is legendary. I mean, I would eat a dirty piece of shoe bottom if it was covered in a layer of Nutella. I just can’t help myself. Nutella, the brand you buy in the store, is a blend of ground hazelnuts and chocolate. In Italy, it’s known as “gianduja,” and the concoction can be made with other nuts, like almonds — or pistachios.

Even though I’m not in the habit of snacking on pistachios (only cooking with them), I love, love, love pistachio gelato. So when I saw “crema pistacci” on the shelf among the jars of gianduja goodness, I knew it had to be mine.

Food Finds: Pistachio Nutella at

It didn’t disappoint.

The pea-green color isn’t the most appetizing, but if you can get over that, it’s luscious. Silky, smooth and creamy, with the slightest hint of pistachio nuttiness.

I have to restrain myself from eating it in one sitting out of the jar with a spoon. Or my fingers.

Food Finds: Pistachio Nutella at

Buy it: Babbi Pistachio Spread at Eataly


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