Phenomenal Pancakes (Grain Free!)

I’m not one to throw out the word ‘phenomenal’ very often. Especially in regards to food, as I tend to critique new dishes. But these are PHENOMENAL….

I’m sort of a ‘health nut’ and I love to read about the latest food trends, and “diets” (I SO hate that word, but ya know what I mean…). I recently read about the Paleo lifestyle- and while it seems like a great idea- I’m not sure I could every fully commit to it, but if I were overweight or had a serious illness or disease I’d be ALL OVER it. You can read about it here. Another great site to check out is this, and make sure you read It Starts With Food.  It’s fascinating.

Anyways, all the new information about how bad grains are for us has made me re-think grains in my diet. I decided to experiment this morning by making these amazing pancakes. I was on Facebook, and there was a link to this recipe on my newsfeed from Just Eat Real Food. If you have Facebook, go like their page now, they post tons of fab recipes daily.

I don’t even like “real” pancakes, I’m a waffle girl. These have forever changed my opinion of pancakes. They were really crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. Pancake perfection achieved. And well, to be fair, these aren’t really the type of coconut pancakes you’re probably thinking of. They have a very subtle hint of coconutty goodness, but are very mildly flavored. You could make them any flavor you want. A perfect blank canvas is what they are…

Phenomenal Pancakes (Grain Free!) | Culinary Cousins

These ingredients might seem weird, but they’re surprisingly easy to find.

Phenomenal Pancakes (Grain Free!) | Culinary Cousins

This is the batter in final form, very very thick and yellow.

Phenomenal Pancakes (Grain Free!) | Culinary Cousins

Flip just when bubbles appear around the edges. A little sooner than traditional pancakes…

Phenomenal Pancakes (Grain Free!) | Culinary Cousins

Crispy goodness around the edges

Phenomenal Pancakes (Grain Free!) | Culinary Cousins

Top with whipped cream and berries. I chose blueberries, hubby chose strawberries…

So, I used buttermilk to make these. (Buttermilk pancakes hello?) But you could use almond milk or coconut milk to make it truly Paleo.
Find the Recipe HERE. Enjoy!


One thought on “Phenomenal Pancakes (Grain Free!)

  1. I tried this recipe this weekend, but used unsweetened almond milk. I also cut the salt in half and added 1Tbsp of honey and 1 Tbsp of Maple syrup. They turned out delicious!

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